When you look into your life what do you see, do you see success or failure?

Indeed I would say that most of us look into our lives and have not achieved the success or goals that we would like to be recognised for having mastered. We look at others that we consider as being successful and often wonder how they have reached the top in their careers, what do they know that we don’t.  Perhaps you and I think that it’s down to them being lucky, we all know the old saying “Everything he touches turns to gold”.

Research has shown that the best people in the world have coaches or mentors. If you look to the the great golfers Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy do they just go onto the course and lift their iron and swing at the ball?  If only it was that simple for them!  No my friend Tiger and Rory both have coaches, right from they were young and had an interest in golf these two stars were coached and that has continued right to this present day. They also read books and watch endless hours of video to get the knowledge that enables them to know which iron to lift from the bag, what way to stand and swing to hit the ball.

The greatest business people also read books and watch videos created by people in the business world that they respect. From reading and watching they can gleam bits of information to use in their own business. Indeed only 2 nights ago I listened intently as a marketing expert delivered a goal setting presentation, he asked us ” Do you have a large TV and a small library or a large library and a small TV”? I guess if I answered honestly here I could say I’ve an average size of both but my library needs to grow.

So how am I going to make my library grow to make me more successfully?

Well I need a coach and with MYLEOBUSINESS I know that Dan Andersson has a wealth of knowledge from years of business coaching and mentoring that I now access online at any time of the day or night. He even has the training loaded to a special L-phone so that if I want I can access without being connected to the internet.

myleobusinessSince pre launching MYLEOBUSINESS in May 2012 and the official  launch in Egypt in December 2012 Dan has seen the membership grow to approximately 26,000 members in 108 countries.  The cost of accessing MYLEOBUSINESS is a modest £25 monthly (can be cancelled any time) and when you enrol just one person yours is free. What other business gives you free membership for selling one package, then pays you 100% every sale thereafter.

If you are at a stage in life where you want to better yourself then you really should consider the coaching from MYLEOBUSINESS. Remember the worlds greatest all have coaches so why don’t you.

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